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Avaliable from June - 022

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E. Abbey

"freedom begins between the ears"  

"Questions thrown into the air, answers that land without settling down; a character confined in his absurd person interprets melodies of freedom, wonders from the movement about the limits and certainties of action and thought, rescues, from the revision of a concept, the possibility of opening a present space that makes it possible to expand the flight""


Albird is a free citizen and from his little universe he can do and say whatever he wants. As common as extraordinary, as real as imaginary. Trainer of faders, melodic thinker, manipulator of situations and juggler of ideas, Albird exposes his intimate universe through play with action and text, expressive skill with objects, interaction with the public, music and text. Observed while observing himself, he travels and shares the experience of an utopian freedom, a freedom that is found between the ears and manifests itself in continuous movement. With subtlety and a sense of humor, he hovers over the apparent, questions existence with jubilant uncertainty, juggling thoughts, balancing conflicting feelings. He performs expressive pirouettes driven by currents of air, situation, thought... manipulating certainties and determinisms, sharing emotions and sensations that at times rise above the concrete.



Dramaturgy,directing, performer: Rubén Río
Scenography: Tai Brotons-Rubén Río

Light desing: Eduardo García
Sound desing: Rubén Río
Costumes: Sergi Alcalde

Photo: Erika Guezi
Technician on tour : Roge Magdaleno/Tai Brotons
Administration: Nicoletta Battaglia


Co-produced in partnership with:

Whit the collaboration of:

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