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Reflections on water



All waters are not the same

There are muddy waters

dirty water

fresh and salt water

inhabited waters

There are hydrogen

and oxygen

There is water in the desert,


Drinking water

Clear water

Purifying water and holy water.

Steam, rain, hail..., snow, oceans and seas, rivers, glaciers, dew... Scarcity, abundance?



Hidrática is a non-realistic interdisciplinary piece. It is a show of physical theater, minimal circus, manipulation of objects and video projections. It is built through different independent scenes that, in a subtle way, reflect the relationship between human beings and water. The scenes go from the concrete to the abstract, inviting us to imagine our current and future relationship with water. A timeless character in a surreal room conceived as an ecological device that collects, filters and recycles water; A woman or a bird, purification or thirst, lightness or heaviness. It proposes concrete actions, practical solutions and dream scenes, dreams of present water, nightmares of absent water.

Artistic Team

Original idea and creation:

Nicoletta Battaglia e Iván Tomasevic

Performer: Nicoletta Battaglia

External view: Rubén Río

Musical creation: Ivan Tomasevic, Rubén Río and Giorgio Battaglia

Lighting design: Ivan Tomasevic

Video creation: Nicoletta Battaglia

Production and distribution : Artesorio 147

With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya, Can Gassol (Mataró)

Thanks to: Jerome Thomas, la Lleialtat Santsenca , La Casa Elizalde,

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