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Founded in 2014 by Nicoletta Battaglia y Rubén Río, Cía El Cruce takes shape as a result of a previous process of artistic colabarations ( between 2009 and 2012) in stage projects related to contemporary circus and physicall theatre .

The company consolidates from a driving motivation towards the development of a personal circus grammar that combines conceptual research and stage exploration.  An artistic language that balances shape and content, thoughts and emotions, an action lenguage able to invite reflexion and triggering emotions.

Every project it is a deep learning process, in the professional, in the aristic and in the personal development. It is everytime an unknow road, we take with pleasure and motivation the risk of adventure into unexplored territories, with the wish and desire to find something valuable to offer back from the journey.    

To share the experience through a present play, an unique imaginary, with emotion as driven channeler for energies and feelings, the reflection as a tool to wide perspectives..

Since its fundation in 2014 Cía. El Cruce presented its work in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgic, Holand, Austria, U.K, Sueden, Poland, Rumany, Turkey, South Korea and  Ecuador.

"El cruce is a meeting, an exchange, diversity; it is an opportunity to explore new ways and expand horizons, it is a moment of synchronicity in time and space; that moment of reinvention where the extraordinary occurs," 


Balancer of ideas and juggler of actions, he always has something on his hands. Trained in circus and theater, he develops his stage language from an eclectic experience as a playwright, director and performer. Research, curiosity and the desire to explore new paths of scenic expression are his main artistic motivations.


With an agile and dynamic energy, Nicoletta is always looking for new projects and challenges to overcome. He began his career studying dance and sees himself traveling around Europe to train professionally in the circus with international references on the contemporary scene. Her motivation and persistence make Nicoletta a multi-skilled person. Turning upside down or dancing with objects, digital design, production and project management... Nicoletta turns challenges into moments of overcoming from which great opportunities arise.

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