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Punto y Coma are not.Their world does not exist...and if you can see them you are a priviledged person 


In their fantastic world the objects are alive, movement talks and the words fly away. They coexist into a forgotten space lost in time, in a strange place where images dance and fragility tremble… It is a unique space, a book´s garden inhabited by strange beings and reinvented objects, a magical and surprising place, disturbingly familiar.


Punto y Coma is a contemporary scenic proposal that explores the boundaries of Circus-Theatre. Taking its inspiration from Expressionism and theater of the absurd, explores the concepts of “culture” and “knowledge” exploring the poetic and expressive possibilities of contemporary circus and physical theater.

1º Prize Circada OFF Unia 2016 Sevilla

About Punto y Coma in FIAVL International Festival de Loja-Ecuador

""Fascinating, enigmatic... a spectacle that one stumbles upon, or perhaps breathes to meet at every turn something new and fun that defies the world of the everyday"



El periódico Digital/ Aforo libre 

“The Italian Nicoletta Battaglia and the Spanish Rubén Río... are the great interpreters of Punto y Coma. They embody with supreme precision,,,. Electrifying connections can be made in the audience and on stage without saying a word; with onomatopoeia, circus care and genius as ingredients. This is demonstrated by the Company El Cruce , which does not need to open its mouth to leave the viewer with theirs open"

Jury Festival Circada (Sevilla) (First prize 2016)

“The Jury underlines the great artistic level of the show, its poetics and the work in the construction of the striking characters, a personal review of the clown in a production that stands out for the enormous variety of circus disciplines fully integrated into the atmosphere and dramaturgy ”


An original creation by CIA EL CRUCE

Performers : Nicoletta Battaglia y Rubén Río

Light desing : Martina Lacueva Rodriguéz


Photo: Luis Montero


External view: Leandre Ribera

Dramaturgy and artistic direction : Rubén Río




With the collaboration of:

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